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Jaume Subirana, Construir con palabras: Escritores, li­te­ra­tura e identidad en Cataluña (1859-2019). Madrid: Cátedra, 2018. construirconpalabras
Diana Roig Sanz and Reine Meylaerts (Eds.), Literary Translation and Cultural Mediators in ‘Peripheral’ Cultures. Customs Officers or Smugglers?. London/New York: Palgrave MacMillan, 2018. literary-translation-and-cultural-mediators-in-peripheral-cultures
Atlàntiques. Antologia de poetes portuguesos, Ignasi Ribera i Rovira (Trans.). Barcelona: Barcino, 2017.
Reedició facsímil de l’antologia de poetes portuguesos Atlàntiques, publicada per Ignasi Ribera i Rovira l’any 1913. Amb una presentació de  Víctor Martínez-Gil (“Atlàntiques: una antologia de la modernitat lusocatalana”) en la qual s’estudia el paper de mediador cultural del traductor.
Gabriella Gavagnin, “Prime traduzioni di Borges in Italia: 1927-1937“. Rassegna iberistica, Vol 41, Num 109, Giugno 2018.
The article identifies the first stages of Borges reception in Italy on the basis of some translations and scattered critical interventions that have been neglected by previous criticism.
Gabriella Gavagnin, “Un capitoletto della ricezione catalana di Montale: a proposito di alcune traduzioni disperse”. Quaderns d’Italià 22, 2017, 239-250.
The paper considers some Catalan translations of Montale that were printed shortly after the poet’s journey to Barcelona in 1954 and analyzes the times and circumstances under which these initiatives matured.